Health and Wellbeing at Yarne

Yarne is an intensive 45-day retreat, it is not the right kind of retreat for everyone, even if you are a seasoned meditator.  

Living in this remote area with extreme weather and a rugged environment is not easy. Please consider your personal situation and think carefully about whether this is right for you at this time. The monastery is located one hour away from medical care, over a mountain.

Throughout Yarne we will spend approximately 7.5 hours per day in meditation practice. We start the day early and in the dark.

But there is magic in these conditions as well.

COVID Regulations

Please be advised that we are only accepting applicants who are fully vaccinated against COVID. We continue to protect vulnerable members of our monastic community and require that all applicants for Yarne 2024 show proof of being vaccinated with the newest vaccines released in Fall 2023. There will be additional health protocols once participants arrive which will include wearing masks for the first few days. 

Living In Community

All people on the Gampo Abbey property must agree to abide by the Five Precepts

  •             Refraining from killing
  •             Refraining from lying
  •             Refraining from taking what is not offered 
  •             Refraining from sexual activity 
  •             Refraining from the use of recreational drugs (legal or illegal) and alcohol

In addition, smoking is not permitted on the Gampo Abbey property. 

Code of Conduct

In order to protect all members of our community, as well as guests, Gampo Abbey abides by the Shambhala Code of Conduct. Please read the full code here.