3 Year Retreat – Schedule, Empowerments and Fees


Tentative Schedule with an Outline of the Main Practices

If we have sufficient registrations to offer the retreat our current plan is to begin the first phase of the retreat in the fall of 2024, followed by the 2nd and 3rd phases with a year’s gap between. Specific start and end dates will be announced once the retreat is finalized. The rough schedule and main practices within each phase are outlined below:

1st phase: 10 months start date September 2024, ends July, 2025

Training, Gampopa, Milarepa and Marpa Guru yogas, Könchok Chidü and Mahamudra

2nd phase: 10 months, start date September 2026, ends July 2027

Inner and secret Vajrayogini. Outer, inner, secret and very secret Chakrasamvara.

3rd phase: 11 months, start date September 2028, ends August 2029

Six Dharmas of Naropa, Jinasagara, Krisnachola drupchen

For a more detailed description of all the practices done in this retreat click here



The very first step is to have experience practicing shamatha/vipashyana and to attend at least one month-long retreat (dathun)

Next request and receive the pointing-out transmission from the teacher/lama followed by permission to practice Kagyu Ngondro.

After completing ngondro, receive the Vajrayogini empowerment and complete the mantras. Attending a fire offering also is helpful.



Thrangu Rinpoche has given the empowerments for this retreat since it was first established. However, due to his advanced age he is limiting his travel and let us know that he will not be able to give the empowerments for the next cycle of the retreat. We are working with Thrangu Rinpoche to arrange with another senior monastic in his community to give the empowerments. At this point based upon our current plans to start the first phase of the retreat in the fall of 2024 we are tentatively planning for the empowerments to be offered in the spring of 2024 at Sopa Choling.



Fees for this retreat are $1,200 per month.  You should plan for a minimum cost of $12,000 the first and second phases, and $13,200 for the 3rd phase of the retreat or a total of $37,200 for the entire retreat. 

We are asking for a deposit of 50% of the total retreat fees, $18,600, before the beginning of the 1st phase of the retreat. The balance is payable before the beginning of the 2nd phase.

A $500 deposit is due upon acceptance of your application. This deposit is fully refundable if the retreat is not offered due to insufficient registrations.

If you have completed the necessary prerequisites to participate in the retreat but have some financial limitations paying the fees in two payments, we will consider some form of deposit and instalment payment agreement. There are also some scholarship opportunities available which can be discussed with the Druppon upon approval of your application and review of your financial circumstances.

Practice texts costs are not included in the retreat fees and these should be estimated to be about $2,000 for the entire retreat. 

There will also be some travel and teacher’s gift related expenses associated with attending the empowerments for the retreat tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2024 at Sopa Choling.

To apply, request the application form from: [email protected]