Financial Transparency Statement

Simplified Summary of Audited Income and Expenses for 2016 and 2017


Working under the overall direction of the Gampo Acharya, Pema Chödrön, the monastic community of Gampo Abbey strives to run its various financial activities in a transparent, ethical, simple and prudent manner in order to inspire the support of its benefactors and patrons, as well as the wider Buddhist sangha.  By doing so we hope to provide a foundation for the continuing development of the Buddhist monastic tradition based upon the Shambhala teachings.

2Program Fees – GAMPO ABBEY56,657101,696
3Program Fees – 3 YEAR RETREAT110,09561,305
4Pema Chödrön Foundation Grant184,250195,496
5Other Income (includes Gampo Abbey USA transfer)103,188136,212
 COMBINED TOTAL INCOME$ 554,859$ 596,001
1Admin & Service Departments66,651133,978
2Facilities & Maintenance26,96631,148
3Food and Kitchen Supplies67,39482,065
4Lineage & Acharya Support35,51435,846
5Monastic Requisites47,61428,959
6Salaries, Benefits and Contract Pay69,38683,261
10Transfer to Reserves 60,000
 TOTAL$ 387,896$ 533,518
 3 YEAR RETREAT SOPA CHOLINGJan 1 to Aug 20Sept 1 to Dec 31
1Admin & Service Departments8,4218,091
2Facilities & Utilities15,74922,234
3Food and Kitchen Supplies36,15724,361
4Salaries, Benefits and Contract Pay42,07021,900
5Teachers and Practice Supplies3,2506,249
 TOTAL$ 105,647$ 82,823
 NET BALANCE$ 61,318 – $ 20,340
 Additional Capital & Asset Expenses$ 21,753 



  1. Donations: Unrestricted donations and any restricted donations released for use
  2. Program Fees – Gampo Abbey: fees charged for monastic residency, Yarne guests, In-House Retreatants, Solitary retreatants or other programs offered
  3. Program Fees – 3 Year Retreat: fees charged for 3rd cycle of the Group G 3 year retreat.
  4. Pema Chödrön Foundation Grant: annual grant received from the Pema Chödrön Foundation
  5. Other Income: transfers from Gampo Abbey USA received from US donors, book store sales, investments and interest income, shuttle fees and Cheticamp Co-op dividends



  1. Administration and Service Departments: property and liability insurance, taxes, finance related expenses, internet, phone, all office support costs, computer hardware and software, currency gains or losses, housekeeping, advertising and publicity, write off account
  2. Facilities and Maintenance: material costs for repairs and maintenance on all buildings
  3. Food and Kitchen Supplies: food, kitchen supplies and equipment
  4. Lineage and Acharya Support: annual offerings to Shambhala Canada Society, our Abbot Thrangu Rinpoche and living expenses for Gampo Acharya Pema Chödrön
  5. Monastic Requisites: financial support for life monastics, expenses associated with visiting teachers for the monastic residency, monastic training, shrine and practice supplies, support for the development of the Shambhala Monastic Order
  6. Salaries, Benefits and Contract Pay: expenses for full and part time non-monastic staff as well as hourly contract pay for outside contractors
  7. Transportation: fuel, repairs and insurance for Abbey vehicles
  8. Utilities: heating and electrical costs for all Abbey buildings
  9. Depreciation: annual depreciation on buildings and other assets
  10. Transfer to reserves: one time transfer from operating budget to restricted accounts.


NOTE: Expenses for the final cycle of the Group G 3 year retreat are separated out from all other expenses.  This retreat ran from mid September 2016 through to August 20th 2017.  It had its own staff and dedicated use of a number of Abbey buildings including Sopa Choling, Shedra House, Mipham cabin and the Druppon cabin. Admin & Service Department expenses includes a portion of the insurance and taxes in 2016 and 2017.

Revised December 2, 2018, Les Ste Marie