Community Update: Yarne 2020-21

The Gampo Abbey community is just concluding our 2020-21 annual winter retreat. Yarne, as it is called in Tibetan, is a core practice of the monastic tradition that has its roots in the time of the Buddha. Normally practiced in the summer, Gampo Abbey has been doing this annual practice since 1985. This year was … Continue 

Garden Reflection by Tharpa Sersang

On December 12, 2018, Tharpa Sersang was ordained by Karma Lodro Kalsang, becoming the the newest Parma Rabjung (the first stage in lifetime monastic ordination) at Gampo Abbey. Tharpa arrived in January of 2017 for the Warriors Who Are Fearless temporary monastic residency. Under his care, the abbey’s garden has flourished, providing a cornucopia of … Continue 

Tsöndru Khyung Tso Ordained as Parma Rabjung

Welcome to Tsöndru Khyung Tso, the newest life monastic at Gampo Abbey! Tsöndru Khyung Tso became the newest life monastic at Gampo Abbey on July 1, 2018. In the presence of the life monastic community, she took her Parma Rabjung ordination vow from Karma Lodro Kalsang, the Abbey’s preceptor. Khyung Tso’s spiritual path began with … Continue 

CBC Radio Interviews Abbey Monastic

Can giving up freedoms make you paradoxically more free? Piya Chattopadhyay explored this question with Khyung Tso, a temporary monastic at Gampo Abbey, on CBC Radio’s Out in the Open. In the seven-minute conversation, Khyung Tso discusses what motivated her to take ordination, and how her experience has changed her understanding of freedom. Listen to the … Continue 

New Life Monastic at Gampo Abbey

Gampo Abbey is happy to announce the ordination of a new life monastic! On Feburary 1st Samten Trinkar, one of Gampo Abbey’s residents, took the brave leap of accepting Parma Rabjung ordination. This is the first step on the path of life ordination in Gampo Abbey’s tradition, an entry period before requesting Getsul (novice) vows. Samten … Continue 

Podcast Episode 7

This week on Vinaya Speaks with Tsultrim Pawo, Tsultrim talks with Takseng who speaks about his experience living as a monastic at Gampo Abbey, the schedule and the diet. *The views & opinions expressed in this interview are that of the persons speaking and are not directly endorsed by Gampo Abbey. Gampo Abbey podcasts are … Continue 

Tribute to the life of Gelongma Migme Chödrön

Over the many years that Ani Migme, more formally known as Gelongma Migme Chödrön lived at Gampo Abbey she touched 100s of different peoples’ lives.  If you have a personal story or photo of your time with Ani Migme that you would like to share please post them here in this blog.  We want to … Continue 

How you can help Gampo Abbey, by Tsultrim Pawo

WHO: Anybody that wants to donate to Gampo Abbey WHAT: Donations to support sustain Gampo Abbey WHERE: 1533 Pleasant Road Pleasant Bay Nova Scotia NS B0E2P0 (902) 224-2752 WHEN: Now   Are you an object of generosity? Of course you are. Now what are you going to do about it? You could donate to Gampo … Continue 

A Guide for Your Life at Gampo Abbey

An open letter to all future nuns and monks by Trime Chosang Dear New Virtuous Sangha Member, You are about to enter a very magical place. The door to this Monastery is the next step on your path to enlightenment. Please honor that by being open to it. On the doorstep, try to leave all … Continue 

Editorial: This Precious Black Life

by Associate Editor jigme chönying My people are suffering. Black people in America, along with First Nations people, are enduring a tremendous amount of suffering in America. We suffer because our people are routinely shot dead in interactions with police. I feel the pain and suffering of my people. Before becoming a Buddhist monk, i … Continue