Like the rest of the world, we have been keeping a close eye on the progression of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have all had our hearts broken open while considering the profound impact that this pandemic has had on the lives of so many people.  We continue to contemplate and appreciate the many privileges our remote and close-knit community has enjoyed during these challenging times.

In order to protect our community, especially those most vulnerable amongst us, we have had to greatly reduce the number of people we are able to welcome into our community and continue to follow the latest Canadian Health Guidelines.

Solitary Retreats: Our solitary retreat cabins are not currently open to the public.  If you are interested in coming to Gampo Abbey for a solitary retreat, hopefully later in the year when we can re-open, please email [email protected] to be put on a prospective applicants’ list.  For more information about our solitary retreats, please visit:

Short-term Residencies: We are excited to offer the opportunity to join our community for 1 – 3 months through our short-term residency programs.  If you are applying from outside of Nova Scotia you will be expected to quarantine for two-weeks.  We would appreciate if you could accommodate your own quarantine upon arrival in Nova Scotia.  If you cannot we may be able to offer you a space in one of our solitary retreat cabins.  The two weeks you spend in quarantine will not be included in your time as a short-term resident.  For more information about our short-term residencies, please visit:

Yarne and In-House Retreats: We are looking ahead to Yarne 2022 and our in-house retreats in the hope that the borders will open and we will be able to offer these programs to people living internationally.  If you are interested in either of these programs, please email [email protected] to be put on a prospective applicant’s list.

Daily Life at Gampo Abbey: During the early days of the pandemic, in order to ensure that our community was protected, one of our long-standing community members, Trinkar Otso, lived in a solitary retreat cabin as our ‘External’ person.  Ensuring that we, as well as many of our neighbors, had access to supplies from our local town and that we had as little contact as possible with people living outside of our community, Trinkar spent nearly three months as our solitary link to the outside world.  Once conditions in Nova Scotia were stable enough to trust that the vulnerable members of our community would not be exposed to the virus through contact with people who had gone into town, we were able to welcome Trinkar back home to the Abbey.

As the world emerges from this pandemic, the Gampo Abbey community is looking forward to the opportunity to share this place of practice with more people who are wishing to train in the path of bravery and compassion.

Covid restrictions permitting, we hope to be able to offer retreats to a wider group of people by late Summer or early Fall.

If you are interested in attending a retreat at Gampo Abbey please keep an eye on our website or email [email protected] requesting to be put on a prospective applicants’ list.