Meet Kunga Yudron (Alexis LaBarge) Hospice Nurse

Yudron was a resident of the Abbey from 2018 to 2020, and many may remember her as the Kitchen Manager and a fabulous cook. Yudron has now returned to her profession of nursing but with a new outlook on the work.

Sally Walker, graduate of the three-year retreat

A life investment

Committing the time and effort to go deeply into retreat practice is not a frivolous decision.

Sally Walker, who completed the retreat in 2017, talked to us about the experience and even some of the “returns” on that investment.

You can’t really just live off the principle, you do have to keep putting in. That’s the thing that Thrangu Rinpoche said to us, the most important thing is that you just keep practicing.

Interview with previous resident David Morris

How does a residency at Gampo Abbey impact a resident and how does it ripple out into the world? read an interview with former resident David Morris where he discusses how his training at the Abbey has nourished his work as a chaplain.

Trinkar Ötso appointed Gampo Abbey Artist in Residence

In 2022, in recognition of her contribution to the Abbey community and to the many years of Losar cards, art salons, and workshops for residents, Trinkar Ötso has been honoured with the title Artist in Residence. Read an interview with Trinkar about her years of exploration of the intersection of contemplative practice and artmaking. See … Continue