Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona raged through Nova Scotia starting the night of September 23, 2022 and made landfall right at the southern tip of Cape Breton Island extending northward.

We had plenty of warning – we lowered the flagpoles, checked the generators, secured the buildings and grounds, prepared stocks of filtered water and food, then waited.

Flagpoles that already take a beating on relatively good days

We are happy to say that despite some tree damage and a lingering power outage, we did not sustain any serious damage. In one very lucky spot a tree we were intending to remove near Marpa cabin fell in the storm, and luckily away from the cabin!

Tree kindly fell away from the Marpa cabin.

One thought on “Hurricane Fiona

  1. I am soooooo happy that everything went well for all of you living at my loved Gampo Abbey and the Abbey itself. May you feel our love and concern in every moment despite the fact of how away in distance we may be. Long life to Gampo Abbey, long life to the Dharma, long life to monastic life. Loveya all.