Tribute to the life of Gelongma Migme Chödrön

Ani Mige, two pictures from 2011 during Thrangu Rinpoche's visit
Over the many years that Ani Migme, more formally known as Gelongma Migme Chödrön lived at Gampo Abbey she touched 100s of different peoples’ lives.  If you have a personal story or photo of your time with Ani Migme that you would like to share please post them here in this blog.  We want to create a space where the richness of her life can be shared.

9 thoughts on “Tribute to the life of Gelongma Migme Chödrön

  1. Sorry to hear of Ani Migme’s passing. While I stayed at Gampo Abbey, she acted as a protector/activist for animals as well as an elder for the community, translator. Ate lunch with her a few times, appreciated her wit, humor.

  2. I have several stories, but first a poem:
    Migme, your death is so slow a fading,
    Breath and energy draining imperceptibly,
    But vision from your good eye remains.
    You can still see the Buddha statue Sangpo placed outside your window,
    The prayer flags strung from the trees over the spacious front lawn,
    The sunlight dancing on the fresh paint of your room,
    Painted by your marooned vajra sisters and brother.
    Your mind is clear and at peace.
    It is easy to be around you,
    To hold your hand,
    Feed you ice chips…
    Even while dying, you are orchestrating daily practice.
    This will always be your house.
    You are so loved.
    You will always be present in our hearts,
    Even as I hear you repeat, “It’s not about me.”
    –written 6 weeks before Ani Migme Chodron died by jinpaipema, Linda Lewis

  3. I would not be a Shambhala Buddhist if it were not because of Ani Migme and her late husband, Harry Habgood.
    They both founded the Edmonton Dharma Study group in the late 1970’s: I was living in Edmonton at the time and my first encounter with buddhism was at their home. That is where we sat every other Sunday (now called nyinthuns) for the whole day. There was mostly just 3 of us; because Ani Migme had started this group I learned quite quickly about shamatha meditation.
    Also because of my connection to the Dharma Group she had founded, I got to meet the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in 1977 when he went to Western Canada and gave the Black Crown ceremony in Calgary.
    Ani Migme also organized a “Welcome to Canada” reception in Calgary for the Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche shortly before he travelled to Lake Louise for the 1979 Seminary. So because of her dharmic activity I was able to meet my root guru for the first time.
    I would probably not be on the path today if it weren’t for Ani Migme’s tireless compassion and activity.

  4. ordinary
    super Ani Migme Chodron


    lovely sense of humour



    dragon queen
    in the broken-hearted moment

    swirling cup of tea
    broken sky lightning


    I miss you

    always there

    thank-you Migme for the vajrayana

    the eternally rising Great Eastern Sun

    the Karmapa!


    the lineage
    self-existing thread


    sweet and wrathful Migme
    holding the dharma

    so understanding
    and gentle


    I see you in the stars



    and Harry too

    Thank-you for the vajrayana

    All is possible.
    no choice

    the thunder

    the rain

    the earth

    and sprout of dharma

    fully formed garuda


    Thank-you for the vajrayana.
    Dear Migme.

    Ain’t nothin but a ‘thang.

    Little me.
    Back into the stew.

    The feast of Dharma.
    The eternal celebration.
    Sho! Mo!

    Up and up

    The raven calls.

  5. When I was in my first year at Gampo Abbey I met Gelongma Migme. The impression of having met Vajrayogini has never left me and my memories of her are imprinted with that presence.

  6. Memories of KHANDRO RINPOCHE
    Gently ruffling the head of Ani Migme and the wisdom and love generated in the shrine room as we breathed in harmony with each others hearts

  7. I visited the Abbey to help with the landscaping for the stupa and met Ani Migme over lunch. She was always laughing and full of life. Lunch with her was a pleasure. I was impressed with the strength of her dedication and perserverence in spite of seemingly fragile health. When I left, she made me promise to come back some day and I did, but haven’t been able to meet that promise as of yet. When I think of her, I feel so happy for a life well lived!

  8. Here is a little video I did in 2012? I remember it was during a 2 days electricity blackout, when the Abbey became very cold. Appologies for the double conversation disturbance.

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