Invasion of Privacy

We have recently informed the Shambhala community about an incident that occurred at Gampo Abbey. This is an ongoing investigation and we are limited in the amount of details we can share at this time.  The person who has been charged has left the Abbey. The following is the email that was sent to the Shambhala global sangha on April 20, 2022.

Dear Shambhala Community,

We wanted to inform the community that there has been an incident involving alleged invasion of privacy at Gampo Abbey – a monastic retreat center located in Cape Breton, Canada – that has resulted in criminal charges of voyeurism. Gampo Abbey and the Shambhala organization are committed to fully cooperating with the police during this investigation. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of anyone who may have been affected by this incident. Shambhala Global Services prioritizes the wellbeing and privacy of all community members and is committed to ensuring that all people throughout our community adhere to our recently updated Code of Conduct policies.

No organization or community can ensure that these types of incidents will never occur. However, it is our responsibility as Shambhala leadership to create a culture where harmful behaviors are addressed swiftly and appropriately, community members are protected, and those that are impacted by harm are cared for. When incidents do occur, we are committed to responding in a way that is survivor-centered. We want to remind the community that individuals who witness or are subjected to what may be a criminal act are instructed to immediately notify the police or other appropriate authorities directly, and, subsequently, inform the Shambhala Office of Care and Conduct.


The Shambhala Board Gampo Abbey Leadership
Mark Blumenfeld Pema Chödrön
Susan Engel Karma Lodrö Kalsang
Lilly Gleich Karma Tsering Lhamo
Peter Nowak Lynn Carter
Susan Ryan Trinkar Otso
Paulina Varas Les Ste Marie