Short Term Resident Opportunities at Gampo Abbey

Lunch at Gampo Abbey


One to Three Month Stays

Gampo Abbey is accepting applications for short term resident stays at the monastery. We are excited to welcome applicants who have some experience with meditation and are ready for an immersive experience of monastery life.

Candidates are expected to fully take part in our daily schedule and contribute the resident dana/fee of $450 per month which helps support basic functions of the Abbey. This fee is not meant to be an obstacle to taking part in this program, if your financial resources are limited please ask us about scholarships opportunities.

Candidates applying for a full three month period will be offered preference but other opportunities are available. Please let us know your situation and we will do our best to accommodate you if your application is accepted.

Due to the national restrictions in place as a result of the current pandemic this opportunity is mainly for those living within the Canadian Atlantic bubble. If you are outside of the Atlantic Bubble within Canada and are interested in this opportunity please contact us. We look forward to offering opportunities to stay here when the border restrictions are lifted.

Please find our application below. Along with your application please include a reference letter from a meditation instructor or professional colleague.

We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any other questions please email our office [email protected] for more information.

Download the Short Term Resident Application Form