Short-term in-house volunteer

We will not be accepting any applications for volunteers until Spring 2025.

Please check back again.

Applications are open for short-term volunteers at Gampo Abbey during the months of September, October, November, and December 2023. 

We are looking for folks who can roll up their sleeves and pitch in for the following types of tasks.

  • General housekeeping such as cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, cleaning the fridges, household laundry etc.
  • Specific deep cleaning tasks in the dry storage, laundry room, storage barn, and workshop.
  • Assistance with deep cleaning retreat cabins, and set up of cabins as required.
  • Kitchen prep – helping to prepare lunch.
  • Other household tasks matched with specific skills and experience.

As a volunteer in our community, we’d like to offer you these things:

  • Participation in morning and evening chants with the monastic community.
  • Meditation instruction and practice support.
  • Approximately 2 hours per day of personal practice time.
  • Personal time each day for exercise, writing, study, etc.
  • Two open days per week, one of which is silent. Open days mean no group chants, no group meals (make your own), and no service period.
  • All meals and accommodation are provided. Vegetarian food with lots of variety.
  • Full use of the extensive dharma library while you are here

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