Gampo Abbey Annual Schedule for 2017

Note that dates are subject to change. Please contact us with any questions.


Jan 4 The Warriors Who Are Fearless arrival date
Jan 22 to Jan 26 Visit of Minister Arthur including Oath Ceremony
Feb 3-6 Travel to Halifax for Sakyong’s teaching
Feb 15 Ordination Day for Warriors Who Are Fearless
February 27 Shambhala Day / Losar, Year of the Fire Bird
March 12 to April 26 Yarne / Winter Retreat with Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche
May 1 to May 6 Residents Retreat
July 1 Annual Canada Day Baseball Game with Pleasant Bay Firefighters
TBD Annual Lobster Release
July 3 to Aug 25 Summer Tours
Aug 20 Gate Opening Ceremony for Group G, 3 year retreat at Sopa Choling
Aug 22 to 29 Mind, Self and Society – in Monastic Tibetan Buddhism (St Francis Xavier University Retreat)
Aug 30 to Sept 7 Social Meditation Retreat with Shastri Nicholas Kranz
Sept 18 to 25 In-House Retreat
Oct 4 The Warriors Who Are Fearless departure date