Podcast Episode 05

In this episode of Vinaya Speaks, Tsultrim sits down with Tingdzen* for an in depth exploration of the meaning of monastic vows. Ting, who serves in the Practice & Education Department at Gampo Abbey, is also our Geko in charge of upholding the standards of monastic discipline (Vinaya) for the sangha.

*Editor’s Note: Since the recording of this episode, Ting has been renamed Gyedon after receiving Novice ordination. Also, if you haven’t already, check out Gyedon’s very personal reflection on the Pulse shooting in Orlando. Tune in to hear our follow-up show with Gyedon in a few weeks!

The views & opinions expressed in this interview are that of the persons speaking and are not directly endorsed by Gampo Abbey.

Gampo Abbey podcasts are not formal dharma talks, but rather conversations between some of the life ordained monastics and those that are here temporarily for the 2016 Lion Year. We hope that these conversations cover some of the things that anyone who is interested in coming to the Abbey might be curious about. That’s who the podcast is geared towards.

Each podcast has its own flavor highlighting the unique personal experiences of each person interviewed. We felt it was important for monastics to have a platform to share their experiences. This show is for people who have questions about the schedule, the diet, the study, the environment, practice time, or anything about life at Gampo Abbey in general. That is the vision behind the podcast we would like to convey with each episode. –Blog & Podcast Team

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