Group H (2018–2023)

Group H is the 8th cycle of three-year retreats at Söpa Chöling. We are now accepting applications.

See below for the schedule.

Please write to request an application form.

Group H Schedule

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Phase 1:
Fall 2018
11 months, includes 1 month training.
Guru yogas of Gampopa, Milarepa, Marpa (4 months)

Konchok Chidu (3months)

Mahamudra practice (3 months)
Phase 2:
Fall 2020
10 1/2 months, includes 2 weeks training.

Inner and Secret Vajrayogini (5 months)

Chakrasamvara (5 months)

Phase 3:
Fall 2022
12 months with training.

Six Dharmas of Naropa (5 ½ months)

Jinasagara and Mahakala (5 ½ months)