Group G (2012–2017)

Group G is the 7th cycle of three-year retreats at Söpa Chöling. This cycle is currently underway. The participants are Cecilia Amador, John Bel, Danielle Blouin, R. Bryce Frost, Nyingje Gongpel, HCM Haverkamp, Tsering Lhamo, Drime Shiwa, Alexander 't Hart, and Sally Walker.

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Group G Schedule

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September 2011 Abhisheka for practices from The Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche
Year I:
Enter September 2012

Guru Yoga and Mahamudra (6 months)

Könchik Chidü (4 months — for those who have completed the Vajrayogini four karmas fire puja)

Year II:
Enter September 2014

Inner and Secret Vajrayogini (5 months)

Chakrasamvara (5 months)

Year III:
Enter 2016

Six Dharmas of Naropa (5 ½ months)

Jinasagara and Mahakala (5 ½ months)