Group G Gate Closing

On October 1, 2012, we held The Closing of the Gate ceremony for Group G. The ceremony began with a lhasang and circumambulation of the retreat building. The ceremony continued at the gate where the ritual closing established the retreat boundaries to be strictly kept for the following nine months.

Those entering the retreat were: Cecilia Amador, John Bel, Danielle Blouin, R. Bryce Frost, Nyingje Gongpel, HCM Haverkamp, Tsering Lhamo, Drime Shiwa, Alexander 't Hart, Tenzin Tsomo, and Sally Walker.

We hope you enjoy these pictures from the ceremony.

Finishing touches: Placing the four dharma protector kings on the gate

The circumambulation and lhasang

The Closing of the Gate

Entering into retreat

Closing the gates