Midsummer Day

torma on shrine

Midsummer Day, the summer solstice, is celebrated annually at Gampo Abbey and across the Shambhala mandala. The event is one of a number which celebrate the change of the seasons. Members of the Cape Breton sangha are welcome to come and join the Abbey community to share in this celebration.

The day begins with a flag raising ceremony. This is followed by a lhasang (a traditional offering of juniper smoke) that purifies the environment and empowers the space, the objects, and the beings within it by invoking awakened energy. It ends with a picnic with food provided by the Abbey and its community members. A selection of photos from last year's midsummer day are below.

Midsummer Day procession
A procession brings the flags out

Midsummer Day flag-raising
Preparing to raise the flags

Midsummer Day lhasang
Preparing for the lhasang

Midsummer Day lhasang
Chanting the lhasang offering


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